I am a licensed psychotherapist (MFT #88227) with EMDR training, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (International Association of Trauma Professionals), a Yoga Teacher and British-transplant, serving clients in Los Angeles and beyond.



Here's the basis of my holistic (but not woo-woo!) approach to psychotherapy...

Holistic psychotherapy emphasizes the treatment of mind and body, rather than exclusively focusing on one and ignoring the contribution of the other.

The body holds just as much of the cause and the burden of depression, anxiety and trauma responses, as our minds do. We can cut off from it, focus on our mind, and push our bodily experience away but it never truly leaves us. By pushing away or blocking our physical experience, we may temporarily avoid some of the ‘shitty’ feelings that are coming from or that are directed at the body, but we also miss out on the power of the mind-body connection and its monumental healing abilities. 

Over many years as a mental and physical health professional, I have researched and developed a combination of traditional psychotherapy and healing movement that successfully uses the power of body and mind to tackle depression, anxiety and all the messed up ways we've tried to manage it. 

That means you can expect a variety of things in our sessions, in addition to traditional psychotherapy approaches, including yoga, breathing exercises, movement and meditation. Of course, everything that we do together will be with your permission and based on your comfort level and goals.

So, what will my first psychotherapy session look like?

The first session is about establishing a bit of comfort -  you'll soon see that I encourage a relaxed atmosphere, use a lot of humor in our work together and bring a caring and grounded energy. Expect to tell me about why you're interested in starting therapy and your goals, expect me to ask you a whole bunch of questions about your life and to create a life timeline to map major events and experiences from your past as I start to build a picture of you. 

Then we take it from there.... as we develop our relationship we can draw on my knowledge and skill in cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical-behavioral therapy, systemic and solutions focused therapy, mindfulness, yoga therapy, positive psychology, EMDR therapy for the resolution of negative experiences and traumatic memories, and more.

Fees & Scheduling

Individual therapy sessions with me are typically 50 minutes in length at a rate of $185 per session. Alternative session lengths are available upon discussion of needs.

I recommend a minimum of one therapy session per week and ask that new therapy clients be ready to commit to ongoing sessions once they are confident that I am the right therapist for their needs. The best results from therapy are achieved through consistent engagement with a therapist you feel comfortable with. 

I do not accept insurance but upon request, can provide superbills (receipts for insurance providers) direct to a client, to submit to their insurer for reimbursement as prescribed by their insurance plan. There are also services that will manage this on your behalf for a small fee subtracted from your reimbursement.

If you'd like to schedule a free 15 minute consultation, please call, text or email me: T: 310 463 7640