With Kim Hollingdale, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional & EMDR practitioner


Meet Your Therapist: Kim Hollingdale


I am a licensed psychotherapist (MFT #88227) with EMDR training, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (International Association of Trauma Professionals), a Yoga Teacher and British-transplant, serving clients in Los Angeles and beyond.

I offer an holistic approach for modern times. 

I offer traditional psychotherapy blended with holistic mind-body practices - including yoga, meditation and exercise - in addition to one of the most scientifically proven treatments currently available for traumatic distress, EMDR (a form of therapy that can very rapidly neutralize distressing memories or thoughts, without the need to recount the experience endlessly).

I work specifically with adults struggling with the life draining experiences of anxiety, panic and depression and together we focus not just on stopping those symptoms, but on identifying and resolving the negative or traumatic experiences that have triggered them. I work with my clients to produce a long term resolution to the problem, not just a temporary fix, so they can get back to living happy, fulfilling lives.

How do you know if I'm the therapist for you?

Well, for starters, if the idea of therapy makes you roll your eyes, groan and envision a poker faced middle aged man asking "how does that make you feel?" we might be a perfect fit! That's what always put me off therapy too!

Next up, give me call or send me an email and we can talk. I offer a free 15 minute consultation especially for the purpose of figuring out if we want to work together. If I'm not the one for you, I will help you find someone who is.

Are you ready to feel better? 

Email, text or call me now : kim@hffwellness.com   310.463.7640