With Kim Hollingdale, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher


Meet Your Therapist: Kim Hollingdale

I am a licensed psychotherapist (MFT #88227) with EMDR training, a Yoga Teacher (registered with Yoga Alliance), Personal Trainer (certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine) and British-transplant, serving clients in Marina Del Rey,  Los Angeles and beyond.

I offer an holistic approach for modern times, with psychotherapy, yoga, meditation and somatic practices that really work - minus the "hippy-dippy, granola" cliches, but with a lot of scientific research backing and a down to earth attitude.

I work specifically with professionals struggling - often behind closed doors -  with the all too common experiences of stress, anxiety and depression as well as overcoming past traumatic experiences that can contribute to them. 

I have developed a powerful combination of counseling, therapeutic yoga, meditation and movement, proven to be a successful, holistic treatment for these challenges, and that can fit in to an already busy schedule.

If the idea of therapy makes you roll your eyes, groan and envision a poker faced middle aged man asking "how does that make you feel?" we might be a perfect fit! That's what always put me off therapy too!

If you want a therapist that thinks 'outside of the box' to get you to your goal, is always up to date on the latest holistic research and approaches but still understands the pressures and experiences of the corporate world (think more than a decade in global business), and will do more than just nod along like therapists do in the movies!, then please reach out and learn how my unique approach to therapy could change your life.  

Are you ready to feel better? 

Email, text or call me now : kim@hffwellness.com   310.463.7640